Expo Fineart

The fine art prints are printed with highly specialized printing systems and premium photo paper. The lacquer, the substrate, the adhesive and the durability are matched to each other optimally.

Even at a very close distance observation, no printing point is detectable.

Color gradients are also represented optimally.


Imprint colors are strong and the flow of permanent work with ICC profiles ensures proper representation, even for black and white pictures.


The light resistance and durability of the ink is around 200 years.


The surface of the paper is coated with a protective laminate. The intermediate product is then coated (glued) on a plate with a double-sided adhesive film. This process is very complex because it requires a lot of work steps and must combine many different materials.

Only specially trained and trained staff is able to produce such a product without defects… So that you can get a first-class product, comparable with works of art that decorate the most famous museums in the world!


All products are delivered in special packaging. Each package is hand made and customized so that your product is optimally protected.